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Night & Mouth Guards in Winnipeg

Whether you're prone to grinding your teeth at night or participate in impact sports, a mouth guard might help. At Robert P. Kelly Denture Clinic Inc., we provide night and mouth guards in Winnipeg to help our clients protect their teeth. A mouth guard is an appliance you wear over your teeth. They can protect your teeth from impact-related damage if you engage in activities such as ice hockey. Similarly, night guards are incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from teeth grinding and sleep apnea. Both conditions can cause severe fracturing in the teeth, something a night guard can prevent. 

Would you like to know more about our mouth guards in Winnipeg? Please feel free to make an appointment with us. Besides this, we can also provide you with a range of denture services.

Dental Guards

From our location in Winnipeg, we provide a selection of purpose-constructed mouth guards and night guards in Winnipeg to provide you with a comfortable, sturdy fit. Our selection of dental guards includes:

  • General Mouth Guards

  • Mouth Guards for Sports

  •  Guards for Bruxism (Grinding of Teeth)

Let us recommend the dental guard or night guard in Winnipeg that’s right for you – stop by our Winnipeg denturist office today!

The Benefits of Dental Guards

The following are some benefits of dental guards such as night and mouth guards:

  • They protect your teeth from damage when participating in physical activities. 

  • They prevent the tooth and jaw pain associated with grinding. 

  • They prevent the headaches associated with grinding. 

  • They prevent lip and cheek injuries when playing sports. 

  • They can prevent jaw fractures. 

Do you require an appointment for our mouth guards in Winnipeg? Please contact us today. We also provide teeth whitening services.

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