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Robert P Kelly Denture Clinic

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Denture Repairs and Relines in Winnipeg

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort it can make it difficult to smile, let alone enjoy meals. Robert P Kelly Denture Clinic in Winnipeg offers denture relines and repairs to ensure pain-free, comfortable denture use.

It is a natural phenomenon for any material to lose its sheen or to wear out as time progresses. The same thing can happen to dentures too. Dentures can become much less comfortable as time passes and it might need for a dental reline. If your dentures have become old and if you are looking for an immediate solution, Robert P Kelly can carry out denture repair services in Winnipeg.


Importance of Denture Repair and Relining

Denture repair can not only help to improve your appearance and smile but it can also help you eat and speak comfortably. Dentures that have been worn for a long period without being relined will fit loosely and slide around in your mouth which will cause a problem like discomfort, irritation, sores, and pain and if left unattended, this can lead to infection.

Ensure that you replace your denture in regular time intervals to restore optimum fit, function, and appearance. Regular replacements are necessary because our mouth shape changes as we age. If your dentures require a repair or relining, Robert P Kelly Denture Clinic in Winnipeg will advise you on the most appropriate treatment plan to maintain your dentures. We provide the best service to our customers with our skilled team and look after your requirements and needs.

What is Denture Relining?

it is to reshape the denture to make it more comfortable as it rests against the gums. Instead of getting a completely new denture, relines come as an alternate solution. It is not only easy to use, but affordable too.

There are two types of denture relines:

Hard Denture Relines – This is a type where the reshaping material has a harder denture base. This can be used for several years without much damage. It is a more permanent reline fix and would last more than soft denture reline. 


Soft Denture Relines – This is the most comfortable option to restore the functions of dentures. It is a suitable option for those who have sensitive gum tissue. This provides a soft cushion for the dental relines.


There are temporary relines which are available for those who have swollen gums resulting from the use of dentures for a longer period of time. 

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At Robert P Kelly Denture Clinic, our denturist can help repair and restore a broken or cracked denture to its original state. We work according to our customer’s needs and provide our best service to them. For prompt, professional service, call your friendly Winnipeg denturist today!

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